September 2018 to May 2019 at Poly Prep Country Day School, Brooklyn, with 9 courts

Head Coach:  Peter Nicol
Assistant Coaches: Jamal Callender, Jess Winstanley, Chris Sachvie
Schedule: Saturday & Sunday, 1-4pm

Peter, Jess & Jamal are excited to get started with our 5th season of weekend group training starting September 8. We blend technical squash/movement practice, conditioned games, mental discovery and matchplay into a 3 hour themed session each weekend. This season, Saturdays will include technical practice; Sundays will omit technical in favor of more coached conditioned gameplay and matches. 

Each player will be given a notebook at their first session and is expected to bring it to every single session. This will become their log book for technical information, strengths/weaknesses, logs of opponents strengths/weaknesses, goal setting, and mental strategies.

Player Information:
Our program is best suited for players aged 10-18 who at minimum can serve consistently and carry out a point. If your player is a beginner, we highly recommend starting with Poly Prep's 5-week beginner squash clinic beginning September 22, 10:30-12, led by Poly Prep coaches Meredeth Quick and Ben Oliner (click here for more info). Alternatively, please contact us to sign up for private or pairs beginner lessons with Jamal. When a player masters the serve and play, he/she is welcome to move up to the 3 hour session led by Peter.

Our goal as coaches is to not only improve each player’s game, but to positively impact their lives personally as they navigate this exciting and challenging period of life - one filled with desire to improve on-court and in school, enjoy time with friends and family, and increase their opportunity to play at their College of choice. 

Attendance Options (all sessions are 3 hours long):
• 1, 5 & 10 Packs
• Sibling, Poly Prep discounts and Financial Aid available

Tournament Coaching
We offer tournament coaching with Jamal at select events. Please contact us for more info.