September 2017 to May 2018 at the Poly Prep School, Brooklyn with 9 courts

Head Coach:  Peter Nicol
Assistant Coaches: Jamal Callender, Jess Winstanley
Alternate Head Coach: Adrian Grant
Schedule: Saturday & Sunday, 1-4pm. Beginners, 1-3pm.

The Year-Round Training Program takes place weekends at the Poly Prep School in Brooklyn from September to May. Each weekend there will be four 3-hour sessions arranged as a group training environment in order to allow for a wide range of practice techniques, with enough breaks and variety to keep the player engaged.  The last hour of each session is devoted to match play.  

Each player will be given a notebook at their first session and is expected to bring it to every single session. This will become their log book for technical information, strengths/weaknesses, logs of opponents strengths/weaknesses, goal setting, and mental strategies.

We devote time during the session to notebook work; goals for the day, technical pointers during transition periods; what worked well/what needs improving; pre-game strategy prior to match play.

Our goal as coaches is to not only improve each player’s game, but to positively impact their lives personally as they navigate this exciting and challenging period of life - one filled with desire to improve on-court and in school, enjoy time with friends, and increase their opportunity to play at their College of choice. 

Attendance Options (all sessions are 3 hours long):
• Drop-In
• 5, 10, 20 session packs
• Sibling & Poly Prep discounts available

Tournament Coaching
We offer tournament coaching at select Gold & JCT events.