Tournament of champions camp &
mental strategy with Dr Jim taylor

January 19 9am-4pm: Squash Camp @ Poly Prep $450
January 19 5-7pm: Tournament of Champions Pro Matches @
Grand Central $29*
January 20 8-9:15 (parents) 9:30-10:45am (players): Mental Strategy w/Dr Jim Taylor @
Roger Smith Hotel $75
January 20 11:30-1:30: Nicol Champions Academy Kids & Family Day @
Tournament of Champions $38.75*
Out of town families: Friends & Family rate available at the Grand Hyatt $273.76/night
Optional shuttle transportation round trip Hyatt - Poly Prep $40
*ToC Tickets available here, insert code NCA19 at checkout. Please note tickets are going FAST.

Players are welcome to join any portion of the weekend events! Camp will be a maximum of 24 players, ToC tickets (with NCA discount applied) are on a limited first come/serve basis, and mental strategy is a maximum of 40.

Coaches:  Peter Nicol, Arthur Gaskin, Jamal Callender, Jess Winstanley (movement)

We are delighted to be sponsoring and hosting a squash program surrounding the 22nd annual Tournament of Champions at Grand Central in NYC! The schedule allows for players to both watch the Professional tournament with our coaching staff and also participate in an intensive 1-day training camp led by Peter Nicol. Day 2 features Dr Jim Taylor, one of the most respected sports psychologists in the world. The majority of NCA mental squash strategy is based around Jim’s work and we are excited to have him lead incredible workshops for both players and parents.

On Saturday the players will spend 6 hours on court through the day, with the theme being, “taking advantage of opportunities”. This is something the very best players in the world do better than anyone! What better way to reinforce the techniques learned in the day by watching the matches at Grand Central Terminal in the evening session. 

The Sunday morning session consists of a workshop with Dr Jim Taylor, an internationally recognized authority on the psychology of sport and parenting.  Every area of squash is important but the phycological aspect is by far the hardest to both teach and learn. Details as follows:

Junior Workshop: Prime Squash - Triumph Of The Mental Game 9:30-10:45am
The player’s workshop will focus on key mental “muscles” that most influence squash: confidence, intensity, focus, mindset, and emotions. Dr. Taylor will describe the essential role these muscles play in both training and competition. He will then describe simple and practical mental exercises and tools that squash players can use to strengthen these areas, including self-talk, routines, and imagery, and how they can be incorporated directly into practice sessions and competitive preparations. 

Parent Workshop: Sending The Right Messages To Your Young Squash Players 8-9:15am
This workshop is based on a simple, yet powerful, idea: “Children become the messages they get the most.” Dr. Taylor explores why messages are important, how messages are conveyed, and what “message blockers” prevent messages from parents from getting through to children. He also describes the unhealthy messages that kids get these days from our often-unhealthy youth sports culture. Dr. Taylor will show parents the most positive messages they want to send to their children related to both sports and life. Parents will leave the workshop with insights, information, and tools to send their kids the best messages that will ensure they develop into happy, successful, value-driven people. 

Please join us post-workshop on Sunday at the Tournament of Champions for NCA Kids & Family Day beginning at 11:30am! There is much fun to be had - meet the Pro’s, grab some swag, enter raffles for awesome prizes and a hit on the glass court. Oh - and not to mention - watching the best players in the world duke it out on court.

This is a unique camp giving the opportunity to watch the best players in the world, get tuition for the best program in the world and learning from one of the best sports/parent psychologists in the world. It's simply too good to miss - sign up now!

This Camp is best suited for juniors aged 10-18 who are playing or planning tournaments. The psychology session is suited to all ages and ability of student and player, as well as all parents of kids who play sports.

Questions? Contact Melissa Winstanley on 678-523-7393 or