pre-season bootcamp

Day Camp, August 19-23, 2019 - 9:30am-3:30pm

Poly Prep Country Day School, Brooklyn, NY

Head Coach:  Peter Nicol
Assistant Coaches: Jamal Callender, Chris Sachvie, Jess Winstanley
Movement & Mental Strategy: Jess Winstanley

Join us for the 6th year of NCA’s pre-season bootcamp. Players and coaches share the same goal: to push incredibly hard in the last stretch of off-season training in order to ensure a successful start to the 2018/19 Squash season. Both on and off-court training are equally weighted in this intense 2 week period - 1/2 of the day is either outside or on court doing movement, resistance bands and/or track work, while the other 1/2 is on-court covering technical and tactical aspects of the game and 1:1 lessons. This is an intense 1 and/or 2 week training bootcamp - but the effort pays off when tournaments resume in September!

Mental conditioning plays a sizable role in this camp as we work to identify obstacles in our game, and create strategies and goals aimed at overcoming obstacles. In addition, we cover the big topic of college squash and the application process.

This camp is open to players ranging from middle school to college athletes.

Questions? Contact Melissa Winstanley on 678.523.7393/