July 7 - 15, 2018: Price $2,000 + expenses

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Head Coach: Arthur Gaskin
Assistant Coach: Jamal Callender
Chaperone: Carey Gaskin

Join the NCA Team for the 2018 Dutch Open! Set in beautiful Amsterdam, players will arrive and train with Arthur and Jamal at the local squash club, before going into practice matches with local players. Time will be spent off-court exploring Amsterdam together and spending time with new friends from the squash club. Mental strategy sessions will take place prior to the event in order to be in peak physical and mental form. 

The team will travel together to and from Amsterdam, and those interested in attending the follow-on 14+ camp at Amherst College alongside Arthur will travel directly to Amherst, MA from the airport. 

The cost of the trip for coaching and supervision is $2,000 per player. Players are responsible for all trip expenses including travel, room, board, tournament entry fee, and a portion of coach travel expenses.

Please email melissa@nicolchampionsacademy.com for a full itinerary and any questions.