1 week overnight college SQUASH experience

July 14 - 19, 2019 Head Coaches: Peter Robson (Amherst), Mark Lewis (Middlebury), Mike MacDonald (Connecticut College), Wendy Bartlett (Trinity), Niki Clement (Haverford), Jamie King (Hamilton) and Erin Robson (Mt. Holyoke)
Additional Coaches: Madeleine Perry (former World #3, ), Stuart Crawford and Stuart George (Amherst coaches)
please note as of March 1, 2019, tuition is $2,195

Amherst College in Amherst, MA

Interested in experiencing college squash? Now is your chance to understand what it’s all about. Join the Amherst, Trinity Haverford, Hamilton and Middlebury head squash coaches for a week of learning & play - all in the style of college squash practices. Take the week to improve your game, ask as many questions as you'd like about college squash, all while learning from incredible coaches.

Off-court in the evenings are various fun activities - movies, soccer, more squash, sports psychology, volleyball, BBQ & hanging out on campus and in the charming town of Amherst.

The Amherst 1 week Camp is suited for players 14 & Up. Please note that financial assistance and sibling discounts are available.

FAQ: What is the difference between the 14+ College Squash Experience camp and the 14+ Intensive Technical Camp?

College Squash Experience: this camp is led by current college coaches, and each day is run like a college squash practice. This camp’s focus is on meeting the coaches and learning about their college programs, get a feel for college squash structure, and play. This camp is a great fit for a player who is touring college camps to meet coaches/be seen by coaches, and can only fit in a week of camp at a time. Week 1 is represented by Amherst and Trinity, Week 2 Amherst, Trinity and Middlebury.

14+ 2-week intensive w/Peter Nicol: this camp is led by Peter and draws a competitive group of players who's focus is to really improve. It's an intense but also a really fun camp led by highly technical coaches. We get deep into goal setting, mental strategy, and cover the college squash recruitment process. Only Amherst coaches are represented at this camp.

Questions? Please contact Melissa Winstanley: 678-523-7393 or melissa@nicolchampionsacademy.com.