pre-season bootcamp

August 21-25 & 28- September 1, 2017
Poly Prep Country Day School, Brooklyn, NY

Head Coach:  Peter Nicol & Arthur Gaskin
Assistant Coach: Jamal Callender
Fitness Coach: Jess Winstanley

Join us for the 5th year of NCA’s pre-season bootcamp. 2 groups of different standards will share the same goal: to push incredibly hard in the last stretch of off-season training in order to ensure a successful start to the 2017/18 Squash season. Both on and off-court training are equally weighted in this intense 2 week period - 1/2 of the day is either outside doing movement, resistance bands and track work, while the other 1/2 is on-court covering technical and tactical aspects of the game and 1:1 lessons. This is an intense 1 and/or 2 week training bootcamp - but the effort pays off when tournaments resume in September!