Peter Nicol

Former World No.1 for 5 years, Peter has turned his passion from playing squash to coaching players through NCA and Peter is the head coach of every NCA program and lives in NYC.


John Nimick

 John has created some of the sport’s greatest events and tournaments in North America through his company Event Engine. John founded NCA 8 years ago alongside Peter, Melissa and Jess.

Melissa Winstanley

Placed well ahead of Peter Nicol in “Top 50 most influential people in Squash” (!), Melissa handles all NCA operations and communication and is Director of Operations for Event Engine squash tournaments.

Jessica Winstanley

Jess runs the fitness element of every NCA program. Jess launched’s fitness and now works on business development. She’s Melissa’s daughter, Peter’s wife, and Bode’s mom!

Chris Walker

Former World Champion Chris has co-coached NCA Hotchkiss for many years and in 2015 will join NCA year-round to coach and provide tournament coaching through his business Squash Solutions.

Jamal CalLendEr

Former Poly Prep alum and current Head Coach at Poly Prep, Jamal has been instrumental in developing the boys and girls teams at the school. We’ve been lucky to have Jamal with us from the beginning at Poly Prep!


Chris FennelL

Law school student by day & NCA coach by weekend – Chris was assistant squash coach to Martin Heath at the University of Rochester while studying his masters and now is a core member of the NCA team.

Chris Gordon

#1 USA player on the World Professional Squash Tour, Chris joins the NCA team to coach our highest ranked Juniors 1x/month on weekday evenings. We are beyond grateful to have Chris join us when not on tour!

Arthur Gaskin

Current Irish #1 on the World Professional Squash Tour and National Champion. Arthur now lives in NJ where he coaches and trains as a Pro player, and runs a training camp in summer for our elite players.